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Here is a much better explanation of how to play the game.
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Monday, October 20, 2008
How to Play Bunco

It's not the spelling so much as the way you play the game, right? Ranging 
from Bunco (the most popular) to Bonko and Bunko, the word varies by region 
and personal preference. At any rate, you just need nine dice and a handful 
of luck. Grab your friends - this game usually consists of three sets of 
four players.

  1.. Divide twelve players into three groups of four people. Two teams sit 
at each table; teammates sit opposite each other.

  2.. Assign the tables as the head, middle and bottom. At the end of a 
round, the winning team advances to the next table. Losers at the head table 
move to the bottom table.

  3.. Supply each table with three dice, a score sheet and a pencil or 
braille writing device for each player, and a scratch pad for the table's 
scorekeeper. Place a bell on the head table.

  4.. Begin play with the scorekeeper. The scorekeeper at the head table 
traditionally rings the bell to begin the round.

  5.. Roll your three dice.

  6.. Keep score at each table. (See below for "How to Keep Score in 

  7.. Continue to roll until your roll earns no points. Play then moves to 
the left.

  8.. Continue to play at your table until a team at the head table scores 
21 points or more - at which time, the scorekeeper rings the bell again.

  9.. Change partners after every round, with one player moving to the seat 
to the right before the next team arrives.

  10.. Play six rounds per set and at least two sets per game. The winner is 
the player with the most wins, though some groups award prizes in categories 
such as most Buncos and most losses.
There are six rounds in a set. In Round 1, points are scored for every "one" 
that is rolled; in Round 2, for every "two" and so forth.

Score sheets should have a place to mark the round, the number of wins, the 
number of losses, and the Buncos.

Keep extra copies of the score sheets on hand.

Change partners at the beginning of each round.

There are several variations to playing Bunco, most notably in the way the 
round ends - some play until a team at any table scores 21, some until a 
team at the head table does. There are also variations in who moves at the 
end of each round - some groups have the winners move (except those at the 
head table); others have the losers move.

How to Keep Score in Bunco
If you like shouting "Bingo," you'll dig this game, too. In addition to 
sounding alike, both games rely on chance and are fast-paced. Here's how to 
keep score.

  1.. Assign one player at each table to be scorekeeper for the round. The 
scorekeeper tallies the two teams' points for the round and rolls first.

  2.. Wait for the scorekeeper at the head table to ring the bell to begin.

  3.. Roll the three dice when it's your turn. If any of the dice match the 
number of the round you're on, you earn a point for each one. (In the fifth 
round, a roll of 3, 5 and 5 earns two points.)

  4.. Roll three of any kind and earn five points.

  5.. Holler "Game!" when you're at the head table and your team reaches 21 
total points.

  6.. Shout "Bunco!" if all three dice match the round number - three 2s in 
the second round, for example. This earns 21 points instantly.

  7.. Finish the turn that's been started when the head scorekeeper rings 
the bell to end the round.

  8.. Let the scorekeeper declare a winning team at the table. If there's a 
tie, give everyone at the table another turn to roll until you get a winner.

  9.. Mark your own scorecard for the round with a "W" for win, "L" for loss 
and a hash mark if you rolled Bunco.

  10.. Move to another table if your team lost the round. Stay where you are 
if your team won.

  11.. Switch partners.

  12.. Continue playing the set - going from round 1 to round 6. Play as 
many sets (two to four) as your group determines.

  13.. Add up your total wins, losses and Buncos to determine winners of the 
Both team members get a win or loss, but only the person who rolled the 
Bunco may claim it on his or her score sheet.

Posted by Michael McCarty at 2:05 PM

Labels: Games, Interaction, Recreation, Tutorials

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