[Nfbc-info] river rafting report

Deepa Goraya deepa.goraya at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 02:00:01 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

Below please find a wonderful summary created by Angela Fowler of our highly successful river rafting event that was held on August 8th. Congratulations to everyone who helped make this a great event!


Hello everyone,
    Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you about the river rafting trip.
    Let me start by thanking those of you who worked on this project, from selling shot glasses to working with the River Rafting committee, many of you did a lot of hard work, but sadly could not make the trip. To you we all owe a debt of gratitude, without you this trip would not have happened.
    For those of you who have never rafted on the south fork of the American River, let me give you a little idea what the trip is like. It starts out with a series of mild class two rapids, with gentle waves which playfully jostle the side of the boat. Steadily however, the rapids increase in intensity until the trip culminates in a series of thrilling class threes which get your heart pumping, your adrenalin flowing, and have you hanging on for dear life! I'm proud to say no one from our raft got spilled into the drink, but a couple times I thought someone would. Better than any amusement park ride by a country mile!
    Of course a wonderful part of any trip like this is the camaraderie. It was good to get together with friends old and new and share in a truly memorable experience. Of course there are always the demonstrations of friendship and camaraderie, like when B.J., with the help of an accomplice whose identity I strongly suspect but have yet to confirm, snuck up behind me and send a stream of cold American River water cascading down the back of my life jacket. Don't worry, folks, (grin) this deed will not go unpunished.
    I'm happy to report that the 2009 River Rafting trip was a smashing success. All who went had a marvelous time, and we look forward to many events in the future. Oh, I almost forgot... just as a by the way... E.T.C. does cross-country skiing in the winter, and has some cool-sounding sea kayaking trips as well. Just thought I'd pass that along in case you were interested.


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