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JKTomasell at aol.com JKTomasell at aol.com
Fri Aug 21 08:47:13 UTC 2009

    I know that the CABS river rafting trip happened a  week  or so ago and 
it was a great success but I have not had the time to  thank  everyone for 
the trip due to being ill since after the trip  happened.  I  would like to 
take this time to thank those who were  on the river rafting  committee and 
those from the CABS board by  assisting me to have the idea of  the river 
rafting trip come alive and  actually happening this year.  There  was a 
lot of 
hard work and  also obstacles to get everything finalized but we did  it 
we went  river rafting which was my main goal as chairperson the entire  
time  for this year.  Thank you to those from Environmental Travel 
who assisted in the trip with  their wonderful guides to guide us to  have 
awesome time on the river, and to  those who participated in  this 
and awesome adventure of river rafting.  I hope that  everyone who 
participated in the river rafting event had a  great time  river rafting 
and that CABS 
can continue by having another river   rafting trip for next year and that 
more people can participate by going  river  rafting.
CABS is producing their newsletter and their goal is to have it for  their  
meeting at this year's state convention.  The CABS board  would like to 
an article and they want everyone's thoughts about  the trip.  So, if 
from either CABS and/or from the affiliate who  participated in this year's 
awesome river rafting trip would like to give  some of their thoughts about 
the  trip to assist so I can create one  creative and great article about 
the river  rafting trip I would  appreciate it.  Please send your thoughts 
about the  river rafting  trip to my email address which is 
__jktomasell at aol.com_ (mailto:_jktomasell at aol.com) _ 
(_mailto:jktomasell at aol.com_ (mailto:jktomasell at aol.com) ) .  The CABS  
board  needs me to send the article 
by the middle/end of  September.  Maybe it can  also be a great addition of 
an article  for the affiliate journal also.   Since the river rafting trip 
a student event it should be in their  newsletter first.  Again,  thank you 
to those who wanted and had a great  time flying through  those wild and 
crazy class two and three rapids of the South  Fork  portion of the 
River.  I know that I had a great time   roughing through those cold rapids.
Jaime Tomasello, Chairperson of the 2009 CABS river  rafting  trip

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