[Nfbc-info] Free Yoga Class in Silver Lake

Pamela Jeter drishtipath108 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 20:22:41 UTC 2009

Hello potential yogis,

Greetings.  I'm affiliated with an Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Silver Lake run
by authorized teacher, James Butkevich (http://www.ashtangayogala.org/).  We
are planning on offering a free class to those that are interested. It is
one way for us to reach out to the local community.

First, a little about the style of yoga that we practice.

 Ashtanga is a system of yoga that differs from other styles in that
postures are tightly linked with the breath. So, every posture or movement
has an inhale or exhale associated with it. The goal is to focus more on the
breathing and less the posture. Ultimately with practice, this system of
yoga becomes more of a moving meditation. Ashtanga is made up of a set
series of postures that build upon eachother.  When taught traditionally, a
student begins with a few postures and receives additional postures only
once proficiency is achieved on the last posture. In a traditional class,
students practice at their own pace and level of ability, but in the company
of other students and with the encouragement and adjustments from a teacher
as needed.  This style of practice can also be done at home and can have
long-lasting benefits, such as helping with stress, anxiety, mobility and
improving quality of life. For these reasons, Ashtanga may be well-suited
for students who have individualized needs and for different age groups.

We will probably structure the class and the schedule based on the needs and
schedules of those who express interest. If you have any questions, please
feel free to email me at drishtipath108 at gmail.com or call me at


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