[Nfbc-info] bose speekers

Ken Volonte kenvolonte at comcast.net
Mon Dec 14 15:06:57 UTC 2009

Hi all.  You will recall that I asked about Bose speakers a few weeks back. 
Well they are installed and I have had a couple days to play various types 
of music from various sources.  Bottom line, I could just cry.  The speakers 
are going back to Bose just as soon as I can uncouple the wires from between 
the bottom of the speakers and the pedestals.  The reason is simple.  I knew 
this when I first heard a Bose wave radio, but I thought things would be 
better with the speakers that everybody has coveted since reading about them 
in Popular Science back in the late 60s.  It is a difference in philosophy. 
For me, Hi fidelity means the accurate reproduction of the full frequency 
range received from any source.  I want violins to shimmer with all the 
overtones produced by the instrument, the boe, even the concert hall.  Bose 
speakers do a wonderful job at simulating the ambience of a concert hall, 
but for frequency response, they are little better than listening to an old 
crausly radio.

    In fairness to Bose, they do offer an equalizer, but that makes my 
point.  The equalizer is necessary to mask the flaws of a speaker system 
that doesn't deserve its reputation. I would never recommend this product or 
any Bose product.  It's a poor imitation of what fine crisp sound should be.

    When I heard a set of  acoustic suspension speakers for the first time, 
I was blown away.  This was fuller sound than I had ever heard.  I saved up 
until I could buy my first and only set of speakers; a pair of Dynaco a25s. 
But my wife insisted that with all the new home theaters, I really needed a 
nifty looking set of satellite speakers with a sub woofer.  With all due 
respect, no I don't. Perhaps what I want to hear is different from what 
other people want to hear.  Perhaps I'm trying to cling to my youth, but the 
Bose 901 speakers are going back now. 

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