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It took several years before I was ready to get involved in the Federation. 
I was a member for a while about 20 years ago and left over some differences 
of opinion about the that Kenneth Jernigan was handling some issues. Even 
now I still have some differences but they are relatively minor.
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> Angela:
> I'm a "grizzled veteran" so what I say may be viewed with a jaundiced eye 
> by those under 30. Nevertheless, I am moved to observe that there are some 
> people whom we will never convince either that the Federation is not the 
> unreasoning, unreasonable group that we are made out to be or that we have 
> constructive programs. Why? Because just by our very striving for 
> competence, even without trying to proselytize, we remind those who are 
> insecure and who do not have the skills and attitudes to succeed that 
> there is a better way and that they aren't on it. Put another way, just by 
> virtue of our philosophy and our attempts to live it, we are an 
> unflattering mirror held up to individuals who, while they may be 
> insecure, cling to the notion that they are doing about as well as can be 
> expected.
> So keep on trying to explain the Federation. But don't get too disturbed 
> when some people don't "get it". The nice thing is that many do get our 
> message and end up leading more fulfilled, productive lives.
> Mike Freeman
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> Subject: Re: [Nfbc-info] Hating the NFB
>> The NFB gets a bad rap, it really does. Lots of folks think we're 
>> militant,
>> and certainly we've had to be over the years, but what folks don't 
>> realize
>> is that's not all we are. This girl, and so many others would benefit 
>> from
>> seeing federationists less on the picket line and more doing the 
>> every-day
>> things, working, going to school, having a good time, even (heaven 
>> forbid)
>> raising our children!
>> But that doesn't offer a satisfactory answer as to why this girl,
>> who my guess would be if she's 20 she just got there, is so angry with 
>> the
>> NFB. Was someone too aggressive in trying to convince her to live the way
>> they think a blind person should? She has some vision, and though her
>> attitude about the capabilities of blind people is good she doesn't refer 
>> to
>> herself as "blind," except of course when kidding around with her sister.
>> She uses a screen magnification program which, by her own admission,
>> magnifies text 5-fold. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a lot of
>> magnification!
>> I'm just as guilty as anyone, more guilty than some. I see someone
>> like her, flash forward 5 years, and see her living as a competent,
>> efficient blind person free of headaches and eyestrain. Because I really 
>> do
>> care about her I fall in love with this image and try with every 
>> persuasive
>> technique I know to make it happen. In so doing, I probably scare her off
>> more than anything.
>> So, the question before the court is this; what is the best way to
>> teach her that there is a better way of doing things, without her knowing
>> we're teaching her a better way of doing things? I'd love to get 
>> everyone's
>> thoughts on this, particularly since we are undertaking some major
>> membership building projects.
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>> Subject: [Nfbc-info] Hating the NFB
>> California Federationists and students,
>> I came across the following videos on You Tube and at the risk of 
>> bringing
>> up something I missed the first time, I thought it important enough to
>> forward to TABS and the Texas affiliate president, but I post it here 
>> too,
>> as there are undoubtedly many lessons for us to consider in how we 
>> interact
>> with people and how it affects their perceptions about blindness, blind
>> people, and the NFB.  It is the rant of an angry young college girl
>> somewhere in Texas, and I hope there is a Federationist nearby that can
>> connect with her personally and clear up some of her gross 
>> misperceptions!
>> Part 1:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2KbTBRC3UY
>> Part 2:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFEYGASy-Xg
>> I sent the following email to Jose, Jesse, and Tommy Craig. I hope 
>> someone
>> is able to connect with this girl and that this discussion thread can 
>> serve
>> as a sounding board to throw around ideas about how to approach people 
>> like
>> these, change their misconceptions, and bring them into the organization.
>> Thanks,
>> Serena
>> Hi all,
>> At the risk of bringing up something that I missed the first time, I
>> happened on these You Tube videos and am disturbed to say the least.
>> The video is in 2 parts and I've posted the links below. It is nearly a 
>> year
>> old and hundreds of people have watched it. This girl is a college 
>> student
>> somewhere in Texas, so I wanted to bring this to your attention-comI 
>> think she
>> could use a little outreach. To start, she's pretty angry, which makes it
>> hard to take seriously, but she also has many facts about the NFB and 
>> people
>> in general dead wrong and it would be a mistake to dismiss her. She 
>> accuses
>> the NFB of "spewing shit,"
>> though I doubt she'd admit she was a pot calling a kettle black (It's ok 
>> for
>> her, but not us, right?). Sounds like if she cleared up her 
>> misconceptions
>> and saw the NFB for what it really is, she'd fit right in with the
>> Federation...she's got some training, uses AT and mobility aids, and 
>> reads
>> some Braille (we all know the cane and Braille can be huge stumbling 
>> blocks
>> for partials...I didn't think I needed them at her age, so she's got a 
>> leg
>> up on where I was at her age). Yes, the public is very ignorant about
>> blindness and blind people, she simply hasn't embraced the idea that she 
>> can
>> do anything about it, but she has a great "can-do" attitude in terms of 
>> her
>> own needs...if you can't do it the sighted way, find another way. She may
>> have a fierce hatred for the NFB, but imagine how horrified she'd be to
>> discover that her beliefs actually fit with the NFB!
>> But I digress, are any of you familiar with this video or this girl, and 
>> if
>> someone hasn't already, can we find out where she is and where her 
>> nearest
>> Federationist is?!
>> Part 1:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2KbTBRC3UY
>> Part 2:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFEYGASy-Xg
>> Thanks!
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