[Nfbc-info] Fw: Co Sponsor for HR 734

Bruce Sexton bjsexton at comcast.net
Sat Feb 14 03:10:36 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

Yes, I would also like to add my thanks to Tiffany.  I am always impressed by her hard work and dedication to making Washington Seminar run smoothly before, during and after the time we are there.  I would also like to give thanks to those who were on appointments with me.  I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism by which everyone presented themselves and the issues at hand!  It was a fine delegation, and a fantastic  example of the incredible power that our affiliate has when it collaborates behind a single cause!  

I hope that the spirit of unity can continue far into the future!  

Yours Sincerely,
B.J. Sexton 

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