[Nfbc-info] Ramifications of the target lawsuit is this something?

Michael Peterson its_mike at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 9 16:36:56 UTC 2009

Hi all.  Because I am in to sweepstakes and because sometimes I like there deals I often use the publisher's clearinghouse website.
I order sometimes through them sometimes via their email sometimes through the mail and more often just play the search and win game at pch and blingo.
In fact I've won $15 from blingo.
Here's the problem.
Many of the pch games are inaccessible but even the ones that are aren't accessible when you win.
In the past Terra read me the code to claim my prizes but her glacoma has gotten worse and the site has changed it's background.
Last saturday night she couldn't read it so I wrote to Blingo immediately and on Wednesday morning about this time.
 still no answer and still no prize.
I wrote them again explaining the problem and received the same your message is being reviewed.
Still no answer yet.  And, in the meantime some people I know in sweepstakes groups won and claimed the same prize.

BTW those prizes are instant because they are amazon gift certs but if you win a bigger prize like a flat screen tv  a dell lap top etc I guess they ship to you.
PCH allows you 25 searches a day on each site and the first search enters you in the $5,000 a week for life sweep.
If it were just a sweep I wouldn't be asking most likely but because like target publishers clearinghous sells products online in volume are their actions covered?
Michael peterson

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