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    Hi Peter.  We might need some kind of legal action to fix these issues 
and believe me I had to get Terra to register me for twitter I believe, but 
if we plan to interact with the sighted public in general we have to do it 
where they go social network wise anyway.
That means MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter.
We can set up our own private blind network but why?
It would be accessible but wouldn't inform the public,
It would be informative but we wouldn't dialogue with our fellow students 
and or workers,
It would be accessible but not a good tool for fundraising.
I could go on.
If we are going to raise the potential money we are trying to raise, like a 
million dollars for braille literacy,  especially in bad ecconomic times 
like these we need to be on normal social networks.

More and more we're given lousy capchea but I have come across some clear 
capchea as well.
I'm also coming across more and more sites that have the code in a picture 
with no audio capchea.
Perhaps we should draw up a list of these problem sites and present them to 
the law offices that handled the target suit.
We also need to push for legislation exempting settlements from SSI 
scrutiny.  I suspect for example if SSI wasn't controling the lives of so 
many in CA the numbers of blind people applying for the settlement would be 
greatly increased.
Think of thiss Blind CA SSI recipients, when you decide not to apply,I 
believe  Tina recently sent us the interview the State treasurer did about 
the California Government and it's financial woes.
 in March/April your State portion of SSI could be affected any way.  The 
settlement from target should you be eligible might be a good cushion 
against government ineptness in sacramento and elsewhere for that matter. It 
won't keep you for long but you can always go back to SSI and maybe by than 
some of the problems will be fixed.

Another weird thing the government does is penalizes you if you get a 
medical stippen.
Great going Government, I mean if your studying specific aspects of 
blindness for example you might want people with those aspects to 
participate in your study.  It's a lot of work so they will most likely not 
do it for the love of science.
On the otherhand, if they do it for the love of or at least a small desire 
of financial gain they are penalized by SSI so the solution just don't 
Hmmm, 70% of the blind are unemployed meaning a large number are SSI 
dependent, Those who are employed for the most part are to busy to take time 
off to participate in a long medical study.  Translation! not enough study 
participants  for critical studies meaning perhaps the prevention of medical 
relief and or cures to certain conditions.
Thus the government is setting up barriers via "charity" to progress in 
medical science.
The cost of thees barriers are incalculatible because we don't know what 
cures or relief would have been found had the barriers not been there.
In fact I would go as far as to say Medical stippens should be tax exempt.
Yes, some Guinee pig type people participate in multiple studies but at what 
risk? and doesn't the public benefit?
But the idea that they might make a little better income than charity 
deserves, Let's take away there benefits ASAP!

Seems wrong to me but than again people in Washington don't see it that way.

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Good afternoon everyone,

    I'm sorry folks but if this organization opposes the use of CAPTCHA as a
means of site security it has no business putting its presences on these
sites that require blind people to use them; particularly if the audio
quality is horrible and the person is both blind  and deaf. I'm all for
establishing presences on social networks but not on those that require the
use of a CAPTCHA as a part of registration process. As far as I'm concerned
we're shooting ourselves in the foot if this continues!!

Peter Donahue

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Dear Fellow Federationists:

I am writing with exciting news! You can now
follow the latest news and information from the
National Federation of the Blind, the Voice of
the Nation's Blind, on Twitter.  To follow our
Twitter updates, go to
You'll need to join Twitter if you don't have an account.

Twitter is a social networking site that allows
you to keep track of your friends, family, and
interests online.  In addition to signing up for
Web updates for the National Federation of the
Blind, you can also opt to receive our Twitter
updates via text message on your mobile
phone.  And while you're at it, follow the 2009
Braille Readers are Leaders campaign as well, by
going to

We hope lots of you will follow our new Twitter
feed­and don't hesitate to send us a direct
message if you have questions or comments about what you read.


Chris Danielsen

Director of Public Relations


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