[Nfbc-info] [nabs-l] Follow NFB on Twitter

Peter Donahue pdonahue1 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 31 15:35:55 UTC 2009

Hello Linda and listers,

It's also possible to invite Myspace and facebook contacts to join us on 
non-CAPTCHA Social Networks. And furthermore what's to stop these  folks 
from arguing against us in court saying that, "Despite our use of CAPTCHAS 
you folks still find ways to use our services so why should we change 
things?" Has anyone contemplated that possibility?

    I know of two social sites which I've set up accounts on that don't 
require the use of any visual verification. They are www.linkedin.com and 
www.instantspot.com. If we're going to create presences on these networks 
why hasn't the NFB gotten "Linked In" or "Spotted?" This is a means to and 
end that could backfire on us in the courts big-time.

Peter Donahue


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