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Michael Peterson its_mike at sbcglobal.net
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I'm playing devils advocate here although I agree with you for the most 
 Target was a commercial site they make money because we buy from them.
MySpace, FaceBook etc are privately owned sites if I understand correctly 
and I guess they make money through advertising.
Now if I run a site and I allow you a blind person to purchase add space 
from me I'm giving you the same rights as an advertiser.
Am I obligated to make my free site accessible to everyone and if so where 
does this line stop does It cover my personal private site where I post 
family photos or just the big boys.  What about churches Civic Organizations 
and even the State of Oregon where I had problems using some of their site. 
I was doing a class project where I had to utilize their employment forms.
Also, yes you can ask sighted friends / colleagues to join you on other 
social networks but when push comes to shove will the average sighted person 
who joins you participate as much there as they do on my space, FaceBook or 
Note when the crisis in India was going on people were sending video and 
photos to the media through twitter according to CNN and SkyNews.

If they use your social network mainly to contact their blind friend or the 
blind guy who works here, your still missing out on a whole lot of 
interaction because they will mainly talk and interact with friends on their 
social networks of choice though they might stop and say Hi to you on your 
special place.
Some will in fact like your social network but in most cases the peer 
pressure will keep them on the big three.
At least for the short term.
I am seeing some groups such as a church group form their own private social 
networks. They are doing this to get away from lots of the junk you see on 
the big three.


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> Hello Linda and listers,
> It's also possible to invite Myspace and facebook contacts to join us on
> non-CAPTCHA Social Networks. And furthermore what's to stop these  folks
> from arguing against us in court saying that, "Despite our use of CAPTCHAS
> you folks still find ways to use our services so why should we change
> things?" Has anyone contemplated that possibility?
>    I know of two social sites which I've set up accounts on that don't
> require the use of any visual verification. They are www.linkedin.com and
> www.instantspot.com. If we're going to create presences on these networks
> why hasn't the NFB gotten "Linked In" or "Spotted?" This is a means to and
> end that could backfire on us in the courts big-time.
> Peter Donahue
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