[Nfbc-info] Braille proclamation

Ken Volonte kenvolonte at comcast.net
Fri Mar 20 14:02:44 UTC 2009

Hi all.  This is pretty much the same process as getting a proclamation for 
White Cane Safety Day.  We pulled the proclamation off of the NFBC list, 
it's labeled Gubernatorial proclamation, printed it up and hand delivered it 
to the mayor's office at city hall.  As I said at the board meeting, our 
chapter already had a good relation with the city council owing to the white 
cane proclamation and, unfortunately, to a guide dog attack; so they know 
who we are.  They also know us as blind people from the fact that several of 
our chapter members are on the local beep ball teem.  Sports gets you a lot 
of publicity, and we have the opportunity to inject a little NFB philosophy 
to reporters and anybody else who will listen.

    The main thing about having the mayor of our town present us with a 
proclamation is that we get a platform to talk about the elegance and 
usefulness of Braille and we get to do it on television.  City council 
meetings are broadcast twice at least.  If you have been out in your 
community, you will be warmly received because you are known and there is no 
down side for anyone.  Such are my thoughts on the matter.  Good luck. 

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