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> Hi all.  I've been asked if I would handle the exhibits hall at this 
> year's
> state convention.  I would be glad to do that, but I'm going to need some
> help from people who have done this before.  If any;one is interested,
> please contact me at kenvolonte at comcast.net or phone me at 209-464-6766. 
> I
> have an idea of the way things should proceed, but sometimes I get a 
> little
> ahead of myself.
>    The first thing is a list of venders in California.  I know some of 
> you,
> but some people have moved, or are handling other, perhaps more product
> lines than I know about.  I'd like to hear from you as well so we can set
> you up with what you need, and give your products a chance to sell
> themselves.  Lots of hands on this year.
>    As a potential buyer, I want to be able to walk away from just seeing
> your widget knowing exactly how I will use it or if I will use it at all.
> Perhaps I won't use it, but my friend over there will.  It's just what 
> she's
> been looking for.  I want that kind of excitement and discovery in a
> welcoming atmosphere.  I look forward to seeing all of you at convention.
> Ken
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