[Nfbc-info] Resources for blind students in El Salvador?

Aziza C daydreamingncolor at gmail.com
Tue May 12 15:39:46 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew of any  resources for the blind in El
Salvador. I'm going to start trying to help a child in El Salvador,
she is five years old, and is being raised by her grandmother who
doesn't know how to teach her what she needs to know. She will be
starting school soon, but needs to bring all her materials with her.
It is believed to be a school for blind children, but that has not
been confirmed yet.
I asked the local libraries I use to get books on tape if their was
such a library in El Salvador, the librarian said he couldn't find
Does anyone have any information, or have an idea of where I can find
information about what is available for blind children in El Salvador?

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