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Job Title:                                Director of Rehabilitation Services
Classification:                        Exempt/Full-Time
Reports to:                             Executive Director

The Society for the Blind, located in Sacramento, California, is a 
501c (3) non-profit agency dedicated to empowering individuals who 
are blind or have low vision to live productively and independently 
by building confidence through training, tools and mentorship. To do 
this, the Society employs over 40 individuals who support and provide 
multiple services, including instruction in independent travel, 
computers and adaptive technology, Braille, and daily living skills 
such as cooking and home repair. The Society also administers a low 
vision clinic, a retail store, an access news telephone service, and 
senior, youth and career development programs. Society for the Blind 
is an equal opportunity employer.

General Description:  The essential functions of the job are to 
supervise all Rehabilitation Services at Society for the Blind and 
the associated staff. These areas include the Core Educational 
Courses of Orientation and Mobility, Daily Living Skills, Adaptive 
Technology and Communications, as well as the Career Development 
Program and Case Manager. Additionally, the Director of 
Rehabilitation Services will be responsible for researching, 
planning, developing, implementing and managing current and new 
rehabilitation programs, and working with the grant writers to find 
funding for these programs and services.


       Program Administration
    * Work with Department of Rehabilitation to ensure that we are 
providing the appropriate services to maximize the billing we can receive.
    * Work with the Case Manager and Transportation Manager to 
approve the weekly schedule for all rehabilitative service instructors.
    * Provide effective client services with third-party counselors 
through staffing meetings and progress reports. This will also 
include presenting ongoing client issues and contribute to problem 
solving of such issues while maintaining appropriate confidentiality.
    * Ensure that all instructional staff members follow reporting 
requirements for the Department of Rehabilitation.
    * Work with the Programs Assistant to ensure that instructional 
program billing is completed in a timely manner.
    * Maintain positive and professional relations with counselors of 
Department of Rehabilitation and other agencies as well as Society 
clients, staff, and volunteers.
    * Ensure that all instructional staff members have the necessary 
tools, training and materials to provide excellent client services.

Program Development
    * Represent the agency at workshops, conferences, and 
presentations related to rehabilitation programs, as time and budget permit.
    * Conduct studies and surveys to determine the need for changes 
in the service delivery provided by the Society and make 
recommendations to the Executive Director relative to the 
establishment of new programs or the modification of existing services.
    * Work to develop new programs and funding sources within the 
core service area outside the scope of the Department of Rehabilitation.
    * Participate in support groups or outreach activities as needed.

Staff and Department Supervision
    * Supervise all instructional staff, conducting their annual 
performance reviews, and ensuring quality of services is at its 
highest potential.
    *  Oversee the evaluation process for all students and review 
this process for students from beginning to end.
    * Ensure that teaching is being done at the highest level of 
quantity and quality possible.
    * Work with the instructional staff to create, update, and revise 
curriculum as needed.
    * Work with the Executive Director to hire new instructional 
staff or terminate/discipline existing staff as needed.
    * Supervise Case Manager. Work with this position to consult with 
other professionals, families of clients, or other appropriate 
parties regarding the progress and problems of clients, as well as to 
evaluate and provide written reports on client's progress s needed/required
    * Fill in for instructors on an emergency basis in the core service areas.
    * Function as a senior staff member, advising the Executive 
Director and other department heads on decision making pertaining to 
the agency.

    * Attend all staff and department meetings.
    * Adhere to all Society policies and procedures.
    * Obtain training to enhance job requirements.
    * Stay current in areas of responsibility.
    * Other duties as required.

1.      Must be highly skilled in operating systems, especially 
current Windows, with a particular emphasis on mastery of all 
alternative keyboard commands to replace mouse use.
    * Expertise in adaptive technology, including JAWS and ZoomText 
is preferred.
    * Expertise in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and using Internet 
Explorer is required.
    * Proficiency in OpenBook OCR software is preferred; knowledge of 
Kurzweil OCR software is preferred. Knowledge of stand-alone scanning 
devices is helpful.
    * Effective communication skills.
    * Excellent organizational and time management skills.
7.      Bachelor's degree in education or related field is preferred; 
training and work experience may be substituted for the degree.

For consideration, please submit your resume along with a cover letter to:

                         SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND
                         2750 24th Street
                         Sacramento, CA  95818
                         Attn:   Heather Frank
                         Fax:  916-452-2622
                         Email:  hfrank at societyfortheblind.org

Application deadline: Until the position is filled.


Michelle R. Bruns MSW

Director of Client Services

Society for the Blind

2750 24th Street

Sacramento, CA 95818

Tel: (916) 452-8271 EXT. 328

Fax: (916) 452-2622

<mailto:mbruns at societyfortheblind.org>mbruns at societyfortheblind.org

"The mission of Society for the Blind is to empower individuals who 
are blind or have low vision to live productively and independently 
by building confidence through training, tools and mentorship."

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