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I want to ask all of you to look at this week's Attitude Test program. 
This subject is a must-hear!


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Subject: [TheLounge] this week's Attitude Test
Fri, 9 Oct 2009 15:24:15 +0100

Hi Folks

On this week's Attitude Test we look at the problem of integrating the
blind and sighted communities.  How do we explain to the general sighted
community exactly what we can do, when most of their thoughts, if they
bother to think about blind people at all, are based on what we can't. 
What are the best ways of informing the sighted community that the only
problem we have is a lack of sight?  How many times have you been talked to
by a sighted person, or should I say shoulted at, as if you were deaf as
well as blind?  How many times have you suffered the "does he/she take
sugar" sindrome, whereby people talk to the person you're with rather than
directly to you?  To help look at some of these questions we have a special
guest joining us for the Attitude Test - someone many of you will know well
from other shows on the Global Voice and elsewhere: none other than mark
marvel of the Blind Ambitions Group.

So, please join us for what I hope will be a very interesting program. 
That's the Attitude Test on Sunday at 19:00 UTC, that's 3 pm Eastern, and
12 pm Pacific in the US.

If you wish to participate in the program, you can do that in a number of
by Skype at the.global.voice;
by email and msn at yourvoice at theglobalvoice.info, or you can call using
one of our three phone numbers, which you can find on our website

that's the Attitude Test, on the one and only Global Voice - the most
interactive station on the internet.

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