[Nfbc-info] Letter to the Bee: Help get the word out on attacks onthe blind/visually impaired

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I would hope that this letter is not an official position of the NFB of
California. Encouraging blind to limit the time ande place of conducting 
activities because they are blind does not foster equality and independence. 
While this may be advice general to many people it should not be construed 
that blind people should be encourage to restrict activities to certain time 
periods. That in fact would constitute a tacit curfew and curfews are only 
legal under times of martial law or as a condition of probation or parole.
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> To The Editor:
> My friends from the National Federation of the Blind of California's
> Board of Directors, the Sacramento Chapters of the NFB of California, and
> everone else were very appalled to learn that Diane Starin was attacked by
> Joseph Webb, (Our Region, Saturday.)  I would like to offer a few tips for
> all blind/visually-impaired residents:
> 1.  Try and do all your activities before 7 P.M.
> 2.  Whenever possible, carry around an alarm, a cellular phone, and a
> whistle.  (Life-Alert will do.)
> 3.  If an attack is unprovoked, yell, and attract attention, and notify
> authorities immediately!
> Finally, do not go in places where you may be vulnerable.  This includes
> bus stops in gang-related areas.  If you must be there, look for sighted
> assistance from prompt personnel.  Do not attempt to ignore orders, if an
> attack happens.
> Eric Calhoun, (Blind), Los Angeles
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> Don't get caught offsides!   Get into the game!  The way it was meant to
> be played!  The game of life: over the limit, under scrutiny!
> Eric from Los Angeles


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