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thought this would be of interest.
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                        2009-2010 "Courage in My Community" Essay Contest
                        Are you looking for a great way to meaningfully engage your students in reading and writing while providing a fun and personal challenge?  We encourage you to participate in our free, national essay writing contest, "Courage in My Community," co-sponsored by Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc. This contest encourages students to explore and write about their own experiences with courage.  In addition to valuable reading, reflection, writing, and critical thinking experience, your students and school will also be eligible to win exciting, educational prizes by participating.

                        You will have access to a searchable library of award-winning courage essays written by sixth grade students participating in The Max Warburg Courage Curriculum in Boston.  These essays will engage your students in real stories, written by real students on topics ranging from learning English to standing up to bullies to trying something new.  

                        This contest can be implemented as a one-day activity or a semester-long unit or theme.  All materials, including participation in the contest, are free and do not require specific software or systems.  We hope that you and your students will participate!

                        To learn more visit: www.courageinmycommunity.com.   
                        www.cambium learning technologies.com
                        800-547-6747  |  customerservice at cambiumlearning.com

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