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Mary Willows mwillows at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 5 04:26:49 UTC 2010

The following is a list of statewide committees and the contact person.  If 
you wish to serve on any committee, let me know or contact the Chairperson. 
Let me know if I left anything out.

2010 committees

  1.. Race for Independence-  this committee will promote and encourage 
members to register for the Race for Independence at the state convention 
and throughout the year.  E-mail updates on the progress of the campaign and 
keep members informed of the program.  Chairperson- Tina Thomas.

  2.. Fundraising- this committee will brainstorm and research fundraising 
ideas that will benefit the affiliate.  Chairperson- Gail Paulson.

  3.. Library-  this committee will keep the membership apprised of changes 
in library services throughout the state.  Chairperson- Joy Stigile.

  4.. Education-  this committee will monitor current trends and develop a 
network of blind teachers throughout the state.  Chairperson- Karen Steele.

  5.. Legislation-  this committee will promote advocacy through the 
legislative process.  Monitor legislation affecting blind people in the 
state and on a national level.  Chairperson- Shannon Dillon.

6.  Newsletter-  this committee will compile articles about successful blind 
people to go into an e-newsletter.  Chairperson- Jana Littrell.

7.  Students-  committee members will research issues affecting blind 
students and plan annual seminars.  Chairperson- Angela Fowler.

  8.. Senior-  this committee will plan an annual Possibilities Fair at the 
state convention.  Chairperson- Pat Munson.

  9.. Convention committee-  this committee will organize activities at the 
state convention.  Chairperson- Robert Stigile.

  10.. Resolutions-  this committee will write and present policy statements 
for the upcoming year.  Issues can range from almost any topic which is 
timely and requires a call for action from the affiliate.  Chairperson- Jim 

  11.. Pre Authorized Check Plan-  this committee will promote and inform 
anyone who is interested in supporting the programs and services of the NFB. 
Co-chairpersons-  Geraldine Croom and Jim Willows.

  12.. Website- this committee is restricted to people with expertees in 
maintaining and updating a website.  Chairperson- Tiffany Manosh.

  13.. Washington seminar-  this committee will be selected from applicants 
who are available to go to Washington and educate themselves and our 
representatives about the issues concerning blind Americans.  Chairperson- 
Tiffany Manosh.

  14.. Membership-  this committee will promote membership in chapters 
through the publicizing of philosophy and events in the NFB of California. 
Chairperson-  Lisamaria Martinez.

15.  Newsline-  this committee will promote Newsline for the Blind and take 
any opportunity to educate the public about this essential link to print 
newspapers.  Chairperson- Jason Holloway.

Mary Willows, President
National Federation of the Blind of California
mwillows at sbcglobal.net 

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