[Nfbc-info] Free and accessible credit reports!

Serena Olsen olsen.serena at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 18:23:48 UTC 2010

Exciting news for those who are conscious and concerned about their
credit histories (have you checked recently?  I almost always find
errors and suspicious items...scary!).  I have longed searched for the
elusive once-yearly truly free credit report we are due by law (Fair
and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, or FACTA) from one of
the three major credit reporting agencies and they finally appear to
have gotten their act together to make it available, and it's
accessible to the blind!

It is a combined effort of Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.  You can
download and print online, request by phone, or request in writing any
or all of your reports from these companies once a year--FREE.  I was
dubious of the accessibility of the online version and currently have
no printer, so I opted to call and order a print version to be mailed
to me.  It is an automated system that is not too long or
frustrating--relatively quick and simple--and I was thrilled to
encounter an option for receiving it in braille or large print, so my
braille version should be arriving in a couple of weeks!

If you've never checked your credit report, you'd be amazed at some of
the errors and inconsistencies that can be found there, and in times
when fraud and identity theft are so prevalent, it's a good idea to
keep tabs on this stuff, especially if you are job hunting, like
me...employers read this stuff!!

Here's the 411:

Someone check their online version and report back about accessibility!


Serena Olsen, MAIPS

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