[Nfbc-info] KNFB Reader Mobile at Washington Seminar

Michael Hingson info at michaelhingson.com
Sat Jan 30 13:33:31 UTC 2010

Greetings all,

Once again this year the NFB and The Michael Hingson Group, INC. will be
demonstrating and selling the KnfbReader Mobile at the Washington seminar.
We have plenty of units to sell on hand.  Because of the seminar we will be
offering a special Washington Seminar price from January 31, 2010 through
February 12, 2010.  Any order received during this time can be made at these
special prices.

The Integrated KnfbReader Mobile including a Nokia N82, the KnfbReader
Mobile software and either Talks or MobileSpeak will be reduced in price
from $1,595 to $1,495.  The KnfbReader Mobile including a Nokia N86,
KnfbReader Mobile software and either Talks or MobileSpeak will be reduced
in price from $1,770 to $1,620.  If you cannot attend the seminar but wish
to order a Reader please contact Michael Hingson at (415) 827-4084 or via
email at info at michaelhingson.com.

During the Washington seminar we will be showing the KnfbReader Mobile
including some of the new features which will be released in an upcoming
version of the software.  The features include a color identifier, a new
leveling function to assist in keeping the camera properly oriented over the
reading surface, and we will discuss how Braille displays can now be driven
by the Reader.

Demonstrations will be held in the Mars room Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and I
believe Wednesday at 1:30PM to 4PM.  Also, a table will be set up in the
lobby of the Holiday Inn, the NFB head quarters hotel where you can purchase
a KnfbReader of your own.  The address of the hotel is Holiday Inn Capital,
550 C. St. SW Washington, DC 20024.

On Thursday, February 4, from 4PM to 7PM we also will be conducting
demonstrations of the KnfbReader at the Philadelphia office of the NFB of
Pennsylvania.  The Location of the Chestnut Place Building, where the NFB
offices are housed, is, 42 S. 15th Street, 17th Floor Conference Room,
Philadelphia, PA 19102.  This building is located on the west side of 15th
Street near Chestnut. Street.  All are invited but asked to please confirm
by calling Michael Hingson in advance.

Finally, we shall be holding demonstrations of the KnfbReader Mobile in
Columbia South Carolina on February 9, from 2PM to 5PM at the offices of the
NFB of South Carolina.  Again, all are invited but asked to call Mike
Hingson in advance.

There is lots more to talk about at the sessions mentioned above.  We hope
to see you there.  Come see why the KnfbReader Mobile continues to be a
major force in improving independence for all blind persons.  Come see how
you can also go totally globally mobile.


Michael Hingson

The Michael Hingson Group, INC.
      "Speaking with Vision"
                  Michael Hingson, President
                          (415) 827-4084
                    info at michaelhingson.com

for info on the new KNFB Reader Mobile, visit:

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