[Nfbc-info] Thru Our Eyes interview with Parnell Diggs

Parnell and Kim Diggs parnell at sccoast.net
Tue Mar 23 00:14:42 UTC 2010

Important Announcement!
On Wednesday, march 24, at 8:00 pm. EST, Joe Ruffalo, host of Thru Our
Eyes will be interviewing Parnell Diggs, committee chair of the
Imagination Fund-Race for Independence sponsored by the National
Federation of the Blind. Joe and Parnell will discuss the following: The
history of the Imagination Fund. The importance of this valuable
program, What national, state and chapter projects have received
funding? How to get involved? What is the Race for Independence? What is
the blind driver challenge? How to access Thru Our Eyes: Logging into
www.thruoureyes.org or for JAWS users, log into
www.thruoureyes.org/jaws.html or to listen via phone, please call, 1 605
475 6333, code 833520 If you wish to call with a question, please phone
1 888 572 0141 and press 0 for on air questions. Press 3 for Lenny on
questions on podcast and web shows Special Note: Please contact Joe
Ruffalo at nfbnj at yahoo.com to discuss the possibility of divisions, and
projects to be interviewed with the objective of hosting their own show.
Remember: When we all do, it becomes doable!
Joe Ruffalo
At times, we are blinded by our ability to see.
The more we try, the more we succeed.
Everything is impossible until you do it.
Keep believing.  Keep dreaming.  Keep learning
Let's work together.  Let's make a difference!
Joseph J. Ruffalo
President, National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey
Phone:  973-743-0075
Please visit our State and National Web Sites http://www.nfbnj.org
http://www.thruoureyes.org http://www.blindchildren.org

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