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A Message from Meg
April 30, 2010

I'm really pleased to let you know that all four of our campaign offices
are now up and running around the state. Our headquarters is in Cupertino
and we have field offices in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Any day of the week, you can come into these offices to volunteer your
time and recruit others to help. For example, this week numerous women from
our MEGaWomen coalition gathered in Orange County to make phone calls for
my campaign. More than half committed to coming back each week and
recruiting their friends. I even heard that one of our enthusiastic
volunteers, who owns a bakery, brought cupcakes for everyone!

Students for Meg are also doing their part. Coalition members have
gathered at our headquarters and at our San Diego office to make phone

With less than six weeks until the June 8 Primary, we're counting on your
help to get more Californians on our team. Whether you call your friends or
offer yard signs to your neighbors, you are helping get our message out to
every corner of California.

This week I was thrilled to receive three more key endorsements - Former
California Secretary of State Bill Jones, the California Farm Bureau and
Congressman George Radanovich. We finished the week in Folsom, where I held
a Meet Meg town hall and then dropped by the Folsom Pro Rodeo's 50th
anniversary party. It was a ton of fun.

I'm looking forward to my second gubernatorial debate on Sunday. It will
be a chance to talk about the issues facing California and discuss my plan
to turn our state around.

The debate will be televised live on Sunday at 5 p.m. and shown
commercial free throughout the state by Comcast Hometown Network (Channel
104) and The California Channel (check your listings). Shortly after the
event, it will be available via Comcast's ON DEMAND platform. I hope you'll
tune in. 

Next week I'll be in the Los Angeles area, San Diego and Clovis. See you
on the campaign trail!


Meg In The News

Fox&Hounds: Judy Lloyd: Lead, follow, or get out of the way - why Whitman
will win...more

San Francisco Examiner: Meg Whitman makes campaign stop in Folsom...more

San Francisco Examiner: Radanovich endorses Whitman...more

The Sacramento Bee: California Farm Bureau Federation endorses Meg

Focus: A New California

Republican leaders rally support for Meg Whitman

>From Meg News Channel

Hundreds of Californians rallied to support Meg Whitman last week as she
joined with national Republican leaders at a series of fundraising events
across the state.

In Redwood City Friday, Meg appeared with U.S. Sen. John McCain, former
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former
Secretary of State George Shultz - who called Meg the candidate who has the
leadership skills and experience to make much-needed reforms in California.

"What we need is really strong leadership and I'm convinced Meg can give
us that leadership," Shultz, now a fellow at Stanford University's Hoover
Institution, told the sold-out crowd of nearly 500 at a Redwood City hotel.
"We've got a terrific candidate, we've got a winner but most important of
all we've got somebody who can get in that job and do the job and deliver
the results."..more

Don't Miss It...

Watch a special "Ask Meg" tele-townhall

Meg believes all the candidates for Governor should talk about their
specific plans so voters can make the most informed decision on Election
Day. In this "Ask Meg" TV Town Hall, voters can learn about Meg's specific
plan for creating jobs, cutting spending and fixing education.


Check www.MegWhitman.com (http://www.megwhitman.com/) for future
broadcast times in your area.

This Week's Releases...


Former Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia drops Poizner, backs Meg


Former CA Secretary of State Bill Jones endorses Meg


Meg launches new statewide television ad

Congressman George Radanovich endorses Meg


California Farm Bureau endorses Meg 

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"Building A New California"


This Week in Photos

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