[Nfbc-info] Feedback on Mouse Click Recorder (A tool to help the visually impaired, implemented at UCSD)

amir shirkhani amshirkh at ucsd.edu
Mon May 17 21:51:48 UTC 2010


The Mouse Click Recorder (MCR) team of the Grozi project, Grocery assistant
for the visually impaired, ( http://grozi.calit2.net/ ) of University of
California San Diego, is asking for feedback on enhancement of its tool from
the visually impaired community.

*What is the Mouse Click Recorder Program?*
The Mouse Click Recorder is an open source application managed by the MCR
team at University of California San Diego advised by John Miller (Science
and Engineering Division of the NFB)  . This tool increases the independence
of the visually impaired by allowing them to review digital images. The MCR
program can provide image annotation in a format that is easy for a blind
person to use and is designed for a sighted assistant to run while its
output is accessible for the blind. When using the mouse click recorder
program, a sighted person can highlight a point of interest that a blind
person can reference.Imagine that a sighted person points to several
locations on an image displayed on the screen of a computer. The person
makes different comments while pointing at each location. The mouse click
recorder program allows a sighted person to record coordinates clicked by a
mouse on an image and save these coordinates into a generated output file
that includes the description of the image, the location (x and y
coordinates) of the mouse click,
and a note describing the location.

The current version of MCR is available for download at:

The documentation of this version is also available in PDF format at

Please provide us with any features and ideas and their priority that could
be added to the current tool.

Your suggestion is greatly appreciated.


MCR Team

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