[Nfbc-info] Helping the Blind Community

Charlie Richardson charlie at for-the-people.com
Sun May 30 21:22:33 UTC 2010

I have been asked to circulate this...


<http://www.for-the-people.com>www.for-the-people.com is a voice chat 
community run by the blind and it's membership is primarily blind.

There are general chat rooms, radio programs, FTP theatre which plays 
DVS TV programs and movies, tech events, parlor games such as trivia 
and name that tune style games and the list goes on.

Funding to keep the site going is done through donations and fund raisers.

We have teamed up with <http://www.allinplay.com>www.allinplay.com to 
put on a poker tournament which will be played on June 12.  All 
Inplay is totally accessible.  The deadline for signing up is June 7 
at 11:59 pm, so help FTP out with a $20 donation and have yourself a 
seat in the tournament or make a donation to sponsor a player and 
have someone else play for you.

In this tough economic time I realize that $20 is a lot when you're 
on a fixed income, but think of the good it does and it's like giving 
up a cup of coffee everyday for a month.

See all the details at 

Remember, individually we can make a difference, together we can make 
a change.  Let's do it here too.

We, the community and management at FTP appreciate the help.

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