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I recommend taking a look at the Journal of Blindness Innovation and 
Research, a professional, peer reviewed journal that was just launched last 
year by the NFB.
You can get to it by navigating to:
To browse, you will have to register but this is easy and free; just click 
the "Register" link on the website.

Hope this helps.

-- Hoby

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Greeetings my friends and fellow Federationists,

I am towards the end of my Bachelor's and applying to grad school to get my
Master's in Rehab Counseling. In doing so I am working on  research  focused
on education and curriculum for blind children in grades K-12. If anyone can
please give me a good idea on where I can find scholarly sources, I would
greatly appreciate it. I have began with the Dept of Education but am on the
hunt for more or other sources. I also am interested in any books or
articles. Thanks in advance.
Jeri Siqueiros
Jsiqueiros111 at gmail.com
(951) 445-2520
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