[Nfbc-info] Applications now being accepted for 2011 Chemistry Camp!

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Wed Feb 9 01:31:08 UTC 2011

 <http://www.Announcing> Announcing the 2011 California Chemistry Camp for
Blind High School Students!


                     Would you like to learn how blind people tackle the
very visual subject of organic chemistry successfully? Do you have a general
love for science? Do you want to learn how you can do chemistry as a blind
person just as successfully as your sighted peers? Are you interested in how
blind professionals use science in their careers every day? Then the 2011
California Chemistry Camp is for you!

                Come join the National Federation of the Blind of
California, the California Association of Blind Students, the Lighthouse for
the Blind of San Francisco, the University of California, Davis chemistry
department, and up to twelve blind and low-vision high school students for
an Educational, exciting, and Fun-Filled weekend of science!


When: Friday, April 29 through Sunday, May 1, 2011. 

Where: Enchanted Hills Camp near Napa, California.

Who: Up to twelve blind high school students ages 14-18 will be selected to

 Cost: There is no cost to apply for the program. The National Federation of
the Blind of California, the California association of Blind Students, and
the Lighthouse for the Blind of San Francisco are underwriting the camp.
Once accepted, however, donations from students or parents to the National
Federation of the Blind of California would be most appreciated to off-set
the expenses associated with the program.


                During this exciting and busy 3-day experience, students
will get to learn how blind people use  chemistry in their careers, will
explore techniques used by blind people to make chemistry accessible,
perform hands-on accessible chemistry experiments, apply the chemistry they
learned to some basic cooking, see the chemistry they learned turned into
action with an exhilarating magic show, and talk with blind scientists who
use science in their professional careers. The students will also be able to
participate in recreational activities possibly including swimming and the
martial art of Judo. Note that students need not only love science to apply.
This will be a learning experience for all blind people! 


To fill out the application, go to: 


and follow the link on the main page to the application form.



We hope to see you at camp! 


If you have questions, please contact: 

Henry Wedler

Program Coordinator

hobywedler at gmail.com 

T: (707) 338-3692.

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