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Hoby Wedler hobywedler at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 22:27:19 UTC 2011

Hi, Caroline.

I just took the GRE this March and got into the graduate chemistry program 
at UC Davis.
Getting accommodations, proving I was blind, and actually getting my 
accommodations processed was extremely frustrating.

Here's my advice for you:

1. Make sure that every document cited in the "students with disabilities" 
section of the ETS website is filled out and sent in in one envelope.
2. Keep on top of the people in disabilities services at ETS but don't nag 
too much as you may not get expedient service if they find you difficult to 
work with.
3. Ask for as many accommodations as you could possibly need. More is better 
and if you don't use all the requested accommodations, so be it. But if you 
request the bare minimum, you might find yourself in a pickle trying to ask 
for more after your initial packet of paperwork is sent in. Note that the 
letter requesting accommodations must be written by a disabilities 
specialist in your disabilities department at your current college or 
university. Alternatively, it can be written by a vocational rehab 
counselor. If you alone write it, they will reject it.

4. Once you are assigned a test location and test date, call the person 
administering the examination as soon as possible to make arrangements, 
ensure that they received the test in whatever format you choose, etc. They 
asked me if I wanted to take a screen reader-accessible computer version 
that was in the final stages of testing but logically I opted to take the 
paper test.

Finally, expect the whole process from sending in forms to taking the exam 
to take longer than 8 weeks. Mine took 13 weeks from start to test date.

Good luck! Feel free to contact me off list if you have more questions.

Best regards,
-- Hoby Wedler

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Hello California!

I am having a blindness related issue and I am wondering if you all can 

I am applying for graduate school at California State University San
Bernardino.  One of the requirements is that I take the GRE test also known 
the graduate record examination.

If I were sighted, I could register for the computer based test today and 
it tomorrow.

Since I am blind, I have to apply for accommodations.  The process of 
for and getting accommodations can take up to EIGHT weeks before I can 
take the test.

I am so frustrated I cannot even say what I really think.

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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