[Nfbc-info] A speech from the past worth reading again

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Which speeches do I recommend? "Of Visions and Vultures" from 1976. That one 
changed my life. I listened to the actual audio recording of Dr. Jernigan 
delivering the speech in 1976, and that had a lot to do with why the speech 
was so powerful, in my opinion. I recommend that folks listen to that 
particular recording rather than merely reading the text if possible. Also, 
"Blindness: Handicap or Characteristic" is something Jernigan wrote which I 
used to carry around with me and read to folks every chance I got. (Now I 
just speak from the heart and it never fails.) I also recommend Dr. Maurer's 
speech, "The Rest of Reality", from the 2003 convention. That one had a huge 
impact on one of my buddies who was in high school at the time and whom I 
invited to convention that year. That speech litterally changed her life. 
She is one of the most motivated, ambitious, confident, hard-working, 
positive individuals you will meet. You'd never guess she ever felt as 
broken as she certainly did prior to  her introduction to the organization 
and our philosophy about life that year.

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> Hello:
> Last weekend, we held a Chemistry Camp for blind high school students. 
> During introductions, Bill Gerrey, (one of our oldtimers) told the 
> students about an address which he heard being delivered by Dr. tenBroek 
> in 1956 in San Francisco.  I have sent the speech in its entirety to the 
> students and I thought you might like to read it again also.
> Bill Gerrey is an Engineer at the Smith Kettewell Eye Institute in San 
> Francisco.  Bill attended Chemistry Camp as a mentor.  Bill told the 
> students about the NFB and how it changed his life every opportunity he 
> got. He told them that Kenneth Jernigan changed what the  white cane 
> symbolizes. Not a symbol of dependence but that of independence.  I am 
> going to follow up with the students and send them all our best speeches. 
> Tell me your favorites.
> Mary Willows, President
> National Federation of the Blind of California
> mwillows at sbcglobal.net
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