[Nfbc-info] Washington Seminar, at-large dues?

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Thu Nov 17 12:19:49 CST 2011

Hi people, I have 2 requests.

1.  I used to be a part of the San Fernando Valley Chapter.  While I have
a very busy schedule, and cannot commit to paying dues for SFVC, I am
seriously thinking about paying At-Large dues.  Where do I send my dues?

2.  Tiffany, if you're reading this: I want to commit to the Washington
Seminar, but I'm getting wrong information.  Can you please tell me where I
can get some Seminar information, print/braille, about the Seminar?  Whom
do I talk to, nationally, about the Seminar?  Please contact me off-list at
eric at pmpmail.com, or on my cellphone, at 916-889-4809?  Thank you.


Eric from Los Angeles. .. .. .. Dog lover.. .. Sports enthusiast..  .. A
friend to all! ..  Happy Holidays from the Baseball List, which is at
eric at pmpmail.com; also look me up on Facebook.  ..  ..  May God bless.   ..

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