[Nfbc-info] FYI I think this guy is a Blind Stalker And Think it is time to take action!

Chela Robles cdrobles693 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 03:25:51 UTC 2012

Hello to all who will no doubt be concerned about the following so as
to take action!
I think this guy is a Blind Stalker And Think someone from Google team
should somehow lock his email address so it becomes unusable!
I think several on the mailing lists I'm on are already aware of this.
 but recent events make me wonder about something.  For the last six
months or so, blind people have received unwanted racist, antisemitic,
anti-American emails from a Moustafa Al'Mahdy.  in spite of being
reported to Google he continues to send his anti-American conversion
to Islam messages with subjects like the birth of Israel and American
If he is on this discussion list, I would recommend that he be found
out before he harvests all the email addresses here and signs them up
to his fake friends of English group.  That is what Moustafa has done.
 After he got the boot from the jaws for windows lists and couldn’t
send his crap there he started a Google group called friends of
English and has been harassing blind people ever since and has even
used Skype as a means of harrassing us blind people who use Skype.
let’s protect ourselves from this guy!
If any of you get messages like the one I described with subjects like
the birth of Israel and American democracy from a moustafa dot al
mahdy at Gmail dot com, go to report abuse on Google with your email
address, gmail address if you have it, and the address, subject,
headers and body of the offending message.  all the forms are their.
And I say Good luck with that one! I still get those messages and no
matter how
many times I mark as spam, report it to Google as an abuser, or even
try to find his email address which is moustafa.almahdy at gmail.com in
my address book which actually doesn't even exist to make an
immediately delete filter so it autodeletes his messages including
ones he CC;s to me regarding blind employments in California to the
NFB, mind you, I keep getting them and he added me to Skype which I've
blocked him on that end, thank God, and tried
to get me to join his linked-in network but fat chance there, this guy
is nerve-wrecking and I personally think his PC should be fried or his
IP be banned, something! Seriously, now! I know that is not a nice
thing to wish, he just can't leave well enough alone!
Let's take action and spread the word of this blind stalker and make
the blind community in cyberspace safe!
trumpeter Chela Robles
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