[Nfbc-info] People! Mustafa Almy is a blind stalker!

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Thu Feb 23 21:09:27 UTC 2012

Chela, I could not agree with you more.  We have, undoubtably, a blind
stalker!  Some facts you should know about Almy:

1.  He wants people to follow Islam.

2.  Everytime the message starts with: "In the name of Allah, (God), the
Merciful," he has violated your email personal space.

We've had him on 2 Council of the Blind lists.  I ignore him, because
Philmore Productions is a phone system that cannot spam messages.  Fight
back, people, and don't let anyone rip you off!

Camp Bloomfield distribution list!  Family Camp!  Adult Camp!  Blind
children's camps, too!  Just put in the subject line, "Eric, I'd like to
join your Camp Bloomfield list!"  .. .. Want to visit San Diego?  .. Want
to move to San Diego?  .. .. It's the new America's Finest City
Distribution list.  A city, .., that is both blind and sighted friendly! 
.. .. The baseball list: eric at pmpmail.com!  .. Also on Facebook!

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