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hey folks!
  Just wanted to share  with you all the below, just in case you
wanted a little  21st century expirience when viewing  the National
Convention Agenda- that is pretty sweet!
 I  know I am going to put  my agenda in my phone.
  Keep in  mind that  this does not include the full agenda  for
general session, and when
 you look at it in I cal, it will display the times in  the pacific
time zone, but will reflect central when you get to dallas.
 Take care,
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>For those of you who would like to use the convention agenda in
>something other than Microsoft Word, here are a few different formats
>that I created after putting all the events on a Google Calendar:
>iCal (for adding to your Google Calendar, Outlook, or other calendar
>program): http://j.mp/LYvrXo
>HTML (view in your browser): http://j.mp/LCiH28
>Microsoft Excel: http://j.mp/JIWoxN
>you can use the iCal link if you use a Google Calendar, or a device
>like an iPhone or iPad that supports it, to add the calendar to your
>mobile device. If you are using Google Calendar in a web browser,
>adding the ical feed will allow you to toggle on and off the display
>of the agenda. You can also copy events directly to your calendar, and
>not sync the Agenda to your mobile device, but view it in the browser
>if you find you need to see what else is happening in addition to your
>own plans.
>For those of you using iDevices, it is best if you have your google
>account added as a Microsoft Exchange account, not a Google Account (I
>know, it seems strange, but this will allow you to sync mail,
>contacts, and calendars between your phone and Google without using
>another app). Once you have done this, you can go to
>http://m.google.com/sync (from your phone) to control which items are
>synced to your phone.
>I know some of this may be confusing if you haven't done it before, so
>if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll certainly try to
>Also, be aware that the Texas affiliate has placed the entire agenda,
>in an HTML file suitable for computers, mobile phones or notetakers,
>on their website at http://j.mp/LMtElc

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