[Nfbc-info] Eleni's first pitch at Seattle Mariner game

Fred's Win7 Catastrophe regenerative at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 12 14:39:27 UTC 2013

More good press for Eleni Englet, Beach Cities Chapter member and 
Guide Dog user!
WooHoo!  Fred, the VP


Mandy Lincoln, the Seattle Mariner Marketing Manager, sent us this 
link tho the video of Eleni throwing out the first pitch on May 10th
It looks like it aired on   <http://mlb.com>mlb.com
She had a great time
Although they said she has a juvenile form of muscular dystrophy, 
they meant  to say "macular degeneration."
Unfortunately she didn't get any practice and couldn't see where she 
was supposed to throw the ball.
All nine girls from her undefeated freshman 8 boat were there, along 
with Gita and myself, Uncle Tinka and his son Arun, and our friends 
Maureen and her son Sebastian.
If anyone knows someone from the Mariners front office, please thank 
them for us.


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