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For all those who will be attending the convention in Orlando, Florida on
July 1 through 6, 2013.  Please help.

Thank you,



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to: Leaders of divisions, committees, groups, affiliate leaders, and chapter


Dear Colleague:


            You are receiving this message because of your leadership in the
Federation.  As you know, following each national convention, we write an
extensive report on every aspect of the convention for the August-September
issue of the Braille Monitor.  Since I can't be everywhere at once and don't
know as much about your group, committee, or division as you do, the Monitor
can't begin to capture the spirit of your meeting, the number of people
attending, and the crucial points covered.

            Despite our best efforts I know that we never even hear about a
good deal that readers would like to know.  I am, therefore, recruiting a
number of people--you among them--to listen and learn during the convention
and then pass information back to me immediately afterward.  I can't promise
that your particular tidbit will be used in the roundup, but I can promise
that it will contribute to the quality of the Monitor as background in
another article.

            What are we looking for? All kinds of things: important

actions by divisions or committees, division election  results, anecdotes
about blind children or first-time conventioneers, job leads that pan out,
rediscovered friends, personal break-throughs, interesting facts, unique
photographs of convention activities, and whatever you see or hear that we
haven't mentioned here.  In short, anything you find interesting or
inspiring is something we would like to know about.

            What you find repetitious may be just the thing that catches the
interest of a new reader who either hasn't been to the convention or hasn't
attended the meeting you have thought enough to write about.

            The catch is that we need your report right after the
convention.  Moreover, if you don't write it down quickly, you will forget.
I will try to remind you the week after we get back, but please don't wait
for my letter before sending me your gleanings.  I do not want you to take
the trouble to write out Monitor copy because we are unlikely to use your
words exactly.  It's the ideas and information we need.  My contact
information appears at the bottom of this message in the hope that this will
be a good way for you to communicate.  If you have e-mail during convention,
send it along.  It doesn't matter if we get one or five notes from you--the
important thing is that we get the information that will make people feel
they were a part of the convention and chronicle what happened in Orlando
for the historians who will look at this years from now. Since we are not
asking for finished text, ready for entering, you can use any format
convenient to you: e-mail, print, Braille, cassette, fax.  If necessary, you
can call and tell me your tidbit, but I would prefer to have something
tangible from you to which we can refer for correct spellings of names and
exact facts.

            Some of you know that I have two email addresses. One I use for
state president business; the other I use for the Braille Monitor. Please
use  <mailto:gwunder at nfb.org> gwunder at nfb.org when communicating with me
about our publication.

            I make one more request of everyone who will be at the
convention: please go by the photo studio and get your picture taken. Our
staff is stretched and we will have fewer people available to be at all of
our events. Pictures play an important part in communicating what we do, so
please help us in the same way you help other efforts of the NFB to share
our message.

            If you have any questions, give me a call. I appreciate your

            See you in July.




Gary Wunder, Editor

The Braille Monitor

National Federation of the Blind

Office of the President

200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place

Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Telephone: (573) 874-1774

Mobile: (573) 268-4245

Fax: (516) 224-3671

Email:  gwunder at nfb.org


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