[Nfbc-info] elitists, huh?

Lauren Merryfield lauren1 at catliness.com
Sat Jun 22 05:28:59 UTC 2013

I applaud this evening's coverage of Goodwill's subminimum wage situation on NBC's Rock Center!  So we're elitists, now huh?  Hm Hm Hm. Fifty thousand of us are elitists.  Wow, what an observation.  

Mr. Maurer's voice sounded tired, though. I sure hope he is okay. 

I am hoping this will propel this issue into repealing of the old subminimum wage provision.  

I'm glad I was home to watch this presentation; I hope many of you could, too.
Lauren, who would never, ever, ever work for subminimum wages!  No way!
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