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Hi Miguel,
That doesn't sound right.
A public school can't just opt to not teach blind children or a child with
a disability. School districts, especially large one's (like San Jose
sounds like it would be) should have Dept of Special Ed.  I googled "San
Jose School District Dept of Special Ed" & if that is the actual school
district, then the webpage (www.sjusd.org/parents/special-education)
states they do serve blind kids. It lists the Director of Special Ed & her
phone number - they can make a call.
Another route to pursue is to see if perhaps one of the TVIs on this list
could post on the braille-n-teach list-serv & identify a TVI that serves
the specific school/district the family is interested in & give the family
some insight on how to proceed.
Their may have been some misinterpretation: Some schools & school
districts will partner with neighboring districts to provide resource
rooms for blind/vi kids out of convenience, but a family can insist their
child receive services in the least restrictive environment which is
likely their local school.
Best wishes,
On 5/14/13 7:40 PM, "Miguel Mendez" <miguelmendez7 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hello my Federation family, I feel this individual has been given
>information that is not correct, and I'd like to help him [her?] as much
>possible. The following was posted on the CABS listserv today. I told him
>that it is not the norm for blind/visually impaired students to be
>to a private school merely on the basis of their "disability" and to be
>that the local school district cannot accommodate a blind student. We need
>to help correct this problem as soon as possible. Is there anyone in this
>individuals local area (San Jose) or anyone else around the state who has
>more knowledge in these sorts of matters who can provide information
>resources to ensure that his son enjoys a smooth transition from Maryland
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>Our son Raghav Choudhary is 7th grade student who gets vision services in
>regular school in Howard county, Maryland. He has some vision in his one
>and he prefers to read large print(40 size fonts). I got a job in San Jose
>area and looking for  house in Evergreen School District in south San
>I talked to special education department in Evergreen school district and
>learned that they don't support students with special needs in regular
>classroom. They place students  in private school.
>Does anybody has any experience with private schools for special needs
>student in this area ?
>We will really appreciate if we get the student/parents perspective on
>special education services available in south San Jose area. This will
>us make right decision.
>Thanks in advance.
>Sanjay and Chitra
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