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Jim Barbour jbar at barcore.com
Wed May 15 03:50:59 UTC 2013

Yeah, thanks for speaking up Ed, I'm sure there's a miscommunication
somewhere.  I know that Santa Clara County does serve blind students

Before we speculate any further, let me talk to Sanjay and the
district and see where we are.


On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 08:41:48PM -0700, DrV wrote:
> Hi Miguel,
> That doesn't sound right.
> A public school can't just opt to not teach blind children or a child with
> a disability. School districts, especially large one's (like San Jose
> sounds like it would be) should have Dept of Special Ed.  I googled "San
> Jose School District Dept of Special Ed" & if that is the actual school
> district, then the webpage (www.sjusd.org/parents/special-education)
> states they do serve blind kids. It lists the Director of Special Ed & her
> phone number - they can make a call.
> Another route to pursue is to see if perhaps one of the TVIs on this list
> could post on the braille-n-teach list-serv & identify a TVI that serves
> the specific school/district the family is interested in & give the family
> some insight on how to proceed.
> Their may have been some misinterpretation: Some schools & school
> districts will partner with neighboring districts to provide resource
> rooms for blind/vi kids out of convenience, but a family can insist their
> child receive services in the least restrictive environment which is
> likely their local school.
> Best wishes,
> DrV
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> On 5/14/13 7:40 PM, "Miguel Mendez" <miguelmendez7 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >Hello my Federation family, I feel this individual has been given
> >information that is not correct, and I'd like to help him [her?] as much
> >as
> >possible. The following was posted on the CABS listserv today. I told him
> >that it is not the norm for blind/visually impaired students to be
> >referred
> >to a private school merely on the basis of their "disability" and to be
> >told
> >that the local school district cannot accommodate a blind student. We need
> >to help correct this problem as soon as possible. Is there anyone in this
> >individuals local area (San Jose) or anyone else around the state who has
> >more knowledge in these sorts of matters who can provide information
> >and/or
> >resources to ensure that his son enjoys a smooth transition from Maryland
> >to
> >California?
> >
> >Miguel
> >
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> >All,
> >Our son Raghav Choudhary is 7th grade student who gets vision services in
> >regular school in Howard county, Maryland. He has some vision in his one
> >eye
> >and he prefers to read large print(40 size fonts). I got a job in San Jose
> >area and looking for  house in Evergreen School District in south San
> >Jose.
> >I talked to special education department in Evergreen school district and
> >learned that they don't support students with special needs in regular
> >classroom. They place students  in private school.
> >Does anybody has any experience with private schools for special needs
> >student in this area ?
> >
> >We will really appreciate if we get the student/parents perspective on
> >special education services available in south San Jose area. This will
> >help
> >us make right decision.
> >Thanks in advance.
> >
> >Sanjay and Chitra
> >240-486-1245
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