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Subject: Central Office Aligns With VRSD Teams


To              :       All DOR Employees (DORALL)

>From            :       Anthony "Tony" P. Sauer, Director

Juney Lee, Chief Deputy Director

Date            :       October 3, 2013

Subject :       Central Office Aligns With VRSD Teams

As part of the ongoing effort to modernize and strengthen DOR's service
delivery for our consumers, the Department is pleased to announce the
alignment of Central Office functions in support of the new Vocational
Rehabilitation Service Delivery team model.

Assistant Deputy Director Mark Erlichman will move to Vocational
Rehabilitation Employment Division (VRED) under Deputy Director Bill Moore.
He will assist in providing oversight to the units that primarily provide
direct services and support to consumers.  The Medical Services Unit 033,
the Mobility Evaluation Program Unit 060, and Workforce Development Unit 039
will shift from the Vocational Rehabilitation Policy and Resources Division
(VRPRD) to the VRED.

Jeff Riel will continue in the role of Assistant Deputy Director of VRPRD,
and assume oversight of both the Community Resources Development and
Centralized Services branches.  The Social Security Programs Unit will
remain in VRPRD.

These operational changes seek to better advantage existing resources,
streamline processes, and improve accountability for increasing employment
outcomes for people with disabilities.  We are pleased to achieve increased
organizational alignment without adding new costs or positions in Central
Office.  In addition, changes to our organization give voice to our
commitment for continuous improvement as presented in our Strategic Plan.

We would like to thank our Assistant Deputy Directors Jeff Riel and Mark
Erlichman for their continued dedication and commitment to the Department's
mission.  They will assume their new roles on December 1, 2013.

"Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and
grow and reach new heights". ~Pauline R. Kezer

Onward to excellence.

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