[Nfbc-info] Growing up Fisher

Fred's Win7 Catastrophe regenerative at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 22 16:23:12 UTC 2014

Thanks Brian,
Great review!  I'll give the show another chance.  Their web sites 
do  mention that several different writers wrote each episode.  I 
wonder if our Writers Division could generate some scripts?

Acting?  How hard could that be?  I'd bet that most of our 
Federation's  teachers, lawyers, and salespeople could act better 
than most sighted actors could play a realistic blind person.   Not 
to mention the members of the Performing Arts Division.  I've never 
liked able bodied actors playing roles of disabled folks.  Or skinny 
actors playing roles of fluffier people, white folks playing the 
roles of Native Americans, and so on.  I'm sure one of us could also 
play the role of Auggie in Covert Affairs, too!

I'll make some time for GUF tonight,

At 10:16 PM 4/21/2014, you wrote:
>         Hello Fred.  I've been following this show.  While I can't speak too
>much to the acting, I think the premise of the show is a good one and

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