[Nfbc-info] State convention questions

Rob Kaiser rcubfank at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 11 22:06:31 UTC 2014

Hello Armando: My name is Rob Kaiser. I'm president of the still somewhat 
dormant Orange County chapter. If you read the last NFB bulletin, I believe 
the cost was in the bulletin if you rgister early. I think it is $90. You 
need to consider being there three ights so there is the cost of the Embasy 
Sweets hotel where the convention is being held. Not all meels are proided. 
What I have done in the past is sometimes bring non-parrishible foods that I 
can substitute for meals. It isn't the greatest but it beats paying the 
exorbinate amount for hotel  restraunt food. if you can go to the hotel's 
web site, you might be able to find menues for the hotel's restraunt. These 
are just some of the things. Of course, if you liv in Central or Northern 
California, you will have to look into travel expenses. Hopefully, this will 
give you some help.

Rob Kaiser, President National Federation of the Blind Orange County Chapter
rcubfank at sbcglobal.net
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Hello Members,

Being that I'm still learning, I am asking if anyone has a rough idea as to
what are the expenses one incurs when attending a State convention? This
will in turn help me solicit sponsorship so that I have the opportunity to
attend. Any insight/help would very much be appreciated. Thanks and hope
your day is well.



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