[Nfbc-info] He defied the "odds according to who?

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Hello All, 


I hope that you'll take a couple of minutes to read the attached article. It
is about a San Diego man vibrantly living life on his terms. The downside of
the article is that it punctuates the vain social perceptions about the
capabilities of individuals living with autism.  Most of us can attest to
misguided perceptions.  


I imagine many local readers will drop their jaw in amazement. Some of these
folks may even be moved to tears, and perhaps some of his nay Sayers will
have an epiphany. And I surmise that some of the "professionals" will label
this tenacious man as the exception to their perceived view of whom and what
is "normal". .


How many of us have defied the "professionals"? How many of us have been
labeled the exception? How many of us have been trailblazers, --willingly or
reluctantly? How many of us have been fortunate enough to have someone in
our court when the "professionals" stacked the cards against us? 


I'd like to end this message with an example of defying the professionals.
My entry into life and my toddler years consisted of some major bumps in the
road. When, in 1967, I joined my forever family I had not learned to walk or
talk and I did not eat solid foods. The professionals informed my mother
that she should not expect me to do any of those things. Nevertheless; my
adoptive mother disregarded the professionals. Some of you know that I have
no problem walking, talking and eating. Lol. I hope the article about Eric
Webber reminds you to dismiss the naysayers and to question the
professionals. Most of all, I genuinely hope that you will always choose to
live life on your terms. 


Warm holiday wishes,

Lisa Irving   

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