[Nfbc-info] San Diego members live the life we want

Lisa Irving peacefulwoman89 at cox.net
Mon Sep 15 03:59:39 UTC 2014

Hello Sweltering Californians and the rest of the NFB family, 



Today, while much of the region's inland area sweltered in triple digit
temperatures several of the San Diego Chapter members headed to the beach.
We rode the Coaster train to the event pick up location and were driven by
Lions Club volunteers to a nearby beach. Our chapter members participated
with other blind adults and youth at a day-long annual Blind Surf Camp. 


There were quite a few firsts for some of our members; riding the Coaster,
going to the beach and the opportunity to try surfing.  I prefer what I
term, chicken surfing. That is, I lay on my 3 1/2 feet-long body/bogie
board. When the sighted assistant yelled, "wave" I laid on my board gliding
and bouncing on top of erratic shoulder to head high waves. Lol. I hope to
have some videos posted sometime this week.  I'll let you know when the
videos are posted. 



Very Exhausted,

Lisa Irving

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