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Thanks so much. This type of help is what we need in order to get our
message heard. Make it simple to do and we'll do it. My letter has gone out.


Blessings in Jesus' name
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I encourage everyone on the list to send a letter along the following lines:


From: Integrated Competitive Employment
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Dear Mr. Elder,


Thank you for your interest in the work of the ACICIEID advisory committee.
Your testimony will be forwarded to the members of the Advisory Committee.
If you wish to submit additional testimony or have additional questions
about the work of the Committee, please submit your request to
<mailto:IntegratedCompetitiveEmployment at dol.gov>
IntegratedCompetitiveEmployment at dol.gov.


Thank you.




Advisory Committee Staff


From: Timothy Elder [mailto:telder at trelegal.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 11:29 AM
To: Integrated Competitive Employment
Subject: FW: Minimum Wage





I am a disability rights attorney from California.  I regularly represent
people with disabilities in matters relating to employment and
rehabilitation.  Many of my clients would benefit greatly if the subminimum
wage exception were eliminated.  I urge DOL to act to remove this outdated
provision.  It is no longer necessary.  I find that it serves as an
incentive for exploitation of disabled people more than it benefits those
working in programs that pay subminimum wages.






Timothy Elder 
TRE Legal Practice, LLC 
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