[Nfbc-info] more about subminimum wages for people with disabilities

Lauren Merryfield lauren at catlines.com
Fri Jul 24 01:24:31 UTC 2015


I wrote a very short letter to you the other day regarding subminimum wages
for people with disabilities. I've ben thinking and I'd like you to add more
to my testimony. 


I believe that paying people with disabilities subminimum wages reflects on
how our culture regards people with disabilities, as "less than." We are
equal to anyone else; we just do things differently. We deserve minimum and
above wages for the work we do. 


I understand that there are some people who are so disabled they cannot
really produce much work. Still, they should be paid at least minimum wage
for what they do. If they need to be in adult daycare, then that's where
they should go, if they are totally incapable of working. But the people
with disabilities who can work, in varying capacities, including myself,
deserve to never be paid less than nondisabled people would be paid. 


This is an outdated way of thinking and it needs to be updated. We need to
get rid of the idea of subminimum wages for anyone!


If companies who are currently paying subminimum wages go under; well they
should for taking advantage of people with disabilities by paying them less
than they deserve. 


I realize you are hearing from those companies to keep subminimum wages
available. They are only doing this to cover their own hide. I also realize
there are parents and other family members who are favorable to subminimum
wages because they have a disabled person in their family that they think
can't work well enough to earn minimum wage or above. That is because their
attitudes toward their own family member are negative and "the glass is half
empty"-thinking. If they truly regarded their disabled family member as
equal to themselves, of course they would write in favor of getting rid of
subminimum wages. 


Lauren Merryfield


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