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Subject: Blind children need adoptive families
I got this from another list and am just passing it along. I know nothing 
more about this, so please write to the original sender with questions.
The attachments are photos, presumably of the children in question.
Could you please share this message with your members?  Thanks so much.
Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, a nonprofit adoption agency with 25 years'
experience, is seeking adoptive families for two blind children:

Gordon, age two, was born blind and abandoned at 10 months of age.  He is in
good health and has made good developmental progress.  Gordon walks,
understands directions, and  likes to be outside for a walk in a stroller.
He is described as a gentle boy with a ready smile. He likes to play with a
music box, rattle and an electric car.  Gordon needs a family of his own.
Can he be your son?

Sweet Julia just turned two.  She was born with congenital aniridia (an
ocular problem which has left her blind) and abandoned in a children's
hospital a few days after birth. Julia has made good developmental progress:
she can walk alone, loves to be outdoors, and has excellent hearing. Julia
is described as cute and obedient.  Her speech is developing nicely and she
is in good health.  Can you be the parent(s) Julia needs to reach her full

One trip overseas is required to adopt.  Adopting parents must be at least
30 years old, financially stable, and able to provide a good future to
Gordon or Julia.  Single women and married couples are eligible.

Please contact me for more information.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Linda Perilstein

Executive Director

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center

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