[Nfbc-info] Might there be anyone in the LA Area who can help?

Michael Hingson mike at michaelhingson.com
Wed May 6 01:38:07 UTC 2015



I have been asked to see if there is anyone in the LA area, preferably near
the USC Medical Center, who might be willing to open their home to a blind
woman who will be undergoing eye surgery sometime within the next month?
This is a lady from China who has been attending NFB National conventions
for a few years and who has been splitting her time between China and the
U.S.. She has had a business located in both countries, but has recently
closed it due to her diminishing eye condition.


At present she is in Seattle. She had been planning to return to China and
then come back for our National convention. Her retinas detached and so she
cannot return to China at present.


By the way, knowing that she was losing the remainder of her eye sight she
has begun the process of arranging to attend the Colorado Center for the
Blind later this year. I have been asked to see if we can help her find a
place to stay for the six weeks USC wants her available to deal with eye
surgery and recovery. Might anyone be able to help? If so, please call me at
(415) 827-4084. Thanks. 






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