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Mary Willows mwillows at sbcglobal.net
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Hello All:

This gentleman contacted me to see if I might know of a buyer for his
Bookport.  If you are interested, please contact him directly.


Mary Willows



From: Steve Behman [mailto:Steve at Behman.US] 
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2015 1:39 PM
To: mwillows at sbcglobal.net
Subject: Book Port Plus


Mary, it was very pleasant chatting with you.


The unit  I am offering for sale (for $100) is in "nearly new" condition and
includes a 4 GB SD card (large enough to hold about 25 books downloaded from
NLS, an AC charging adapter and a spare battery.  I purchased at
approximately a year ago because, at the time, it was the only NLS book
reader that had a built-in speaker, loud enough for me to hear when placed
on  my pillow while reading myself to sleep.


Thank you very much for your offer of assistance,


Steve Behman

20581 Ashley Way

Saratoga, California  95070


Steve at Behman.us



The information below was copied from the American Printing House for the
Blind webpage describing the Book Port Plus NLS book reader.


Book Port Plus

Read Digital Talking Books, play digital audio, play internet radio,
download podcasts, read computer files, and make superb recordings with Book
Port PlusT!


Free Update Adds Wi-Fi to Book Port Plus! 


Version 5 of APH's Book Port Plus firmware introduces many new features,
including activation of the Wi-Fi chip! Although every Book Port Plus
contains a Wi-Fi chip, the software to utilize that chip was not complete.
With this free update, your Book Port Plus will have the ability to stream
internet radio stations, receive podcasts, and transfer files from the PC to
the Book Port wirelessly. This update is free to all Book Port Plus users. 

This firmware update also contains many other enhancements and fixes. You
can find more information about this update and download the new firmware
from this page: http://tech.aph.org/bt_new.htm 

Book Port PlusT represents the latest generation of accessible media
player/recorders. Its small size, quality recording, and unique capabilities
make it an ideal replacement for cassette player/recorders, earlier Digital
Talking Book (DTB) players, or inaccessible commercial digital recorders.
Its specialized hardware and software makes Book Port Plus easier to use,
more reliable, and more flexible than cell phones or PCs that might perform
some of its functions.


The quality components and innovative software make Book Port Plus an
excellent music player and outstanding recorder. The reading controls let
you read a wide variety of books in both audio (human speech) and text
(synthetic speech) formats. Its ability to create Digital Talking Book
recordings is unique.


Book Port Plus contains state-of-the-art hardware:

.        High-speed USB lets you read NLS DTB cartridges, thumb drives, and
USB CD-ROM drives

.        High capacity SDT card support -- up to 32GB

.        Stereo microphone jack

.        Stereo headphone jack

.        Built-in speaker

.        Built-in microphone  

Video: Watch a  <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sABzunbyhI&lr=1> user-made
video  overview of the Book Port Plus 



All shipments will incur actual UPS shipping rates based on the destination.
Free Matter shipping not available for this item. 


dkey=http:ProductDisplay#addinfo> Additional product information below 

ge/1-07191-00_BookPortPlus_hand.jpg> Product Image - click to
enlargeAdditional Images:

ry/1-07191-00_BookPort_Plus.jpg> Book Port Plus (Front) 

ry/1-07191-00_BookPort_Plus_2.jpg> Book Port Plus (Right Side) 

ry/1-07191-00_BookPort_Plus_3.jpg> Book Port Plus (Left Side) 

ry/1-07191-00_BookPort_Plus_4.jpg> Book Port Plus (Top Left) 

ry/1-07191-00_BookPort_Plus_7.jpg> Book Port Plus (Right Bottom) 

Top of Form



Book Port Plus Catalog Number: 1-07191-00
Format: Product

Price: $329.00 

Bottom of Form





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