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Brian Buhrow buhrow at nfbcal.org
Fri May 22 15:15:50 UTC 2015

	hello Rob.  I've done this in the past.  You'll have to restrict your
hiring to college students because high school students won't have the
required driving license to drive you from place to place, especially if
you're not an immediate family member of their's.  If there's a local
college or university, they'll usually have a student employment office.
Find it and call them to ask if they allow community employers to post jobs
on their job boards.

On May 21,  9:34pm, Rob Kaiser via Nfbc-info wrote:
} Subject: [Nfbc-info] highering drivers
} Helloo all: As many of you know, I now live in Moreno Valley. I am finding out that at times transportation is sketchy especially nights and weekends. It has been suggested that I consider highering highschool or college students as drivers for me especially at nights and weekends when there is no Dial-a-ride or public transit. Has anyone tried thisIf so, what success or lack of success have you had?
} I would appreciate some feedback on this. 
} Rob Kaiser 
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