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I got this off another list and thought you might find it interesting. 



National Library Service Collection Development Advisory Group informal

                                    By Katherine Schneider
<mailto:schneiks at uwec.edu> schneiks at uwec.edu


The Collection Development Advisory Group of the National Library Service
just concluded its 2015 meeting. I had the privilege of being a patron
representative representing the Midlands. Some of the things I learned are:

NLS is acquiring a thousand commercially done audio books per year now and
patrons generally are loving them.

The long-awaited Android Bard app should be out this summer and the iPhone
app will be updated to work better with IOS 8. Restoring things like the
timer function.

The final 6,000 conversions from analog to digital books will be done in the
next three or four years and the books put on Bard.

In January 2016, NLS will switch to producing braille books in UEB braille.
In case you want to start practicing now, search by subject on Bard for UEB
and you'll find 50 books to read at this point.

The ever-popular Bibles/sacred scriptures mini-bib will be updated to
include accessible apps and other newer delivery methods for content.

Network libraries who produce digital books can add them to BARD and about a
thousand have been added.

          Did you know that about two thirds of NLS patrons let their
network library pick their next read and only about a third choose their
own. I assume this doesn't include those of us who are madly downloading
from Bard!

          In two years when some lucky attendee at the meeting sends out
this kind of informal summary of what's up at NLS, the statistics below will
be woefully out of date because NLS will have done their usual great job and
we'll have More and have it Sooner.. 

The NLS Union Catalog contains more than 216,000 book records, of which more
than 68,000 are braille books and more than 146,000 are audiobooks.

*         The NLS music collection, the largest of its kind in the world,
contains more than 25,000 titles.

*         BARD contains more than 53,000 books, 62 audio magazine titles,
and 49 braille magazine titles, with new materials added regularly.




Katherine Schneider, Ph.D.
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Counseling Service
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
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Author of Occupying Aging: Delights, Disabilities and Daily Life, To the
Left of Inspiration: Adventures in Living with Disabilities and a children's
book Your Treasure Hunt: Disabilities and Finding Your Gold
Blog: http://kathiecomments.wordpress.com

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